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NSCoderNight: Tinto on Valencia

Past Events

NSCoder Night : Tinto on Valencia

Tartine in the sunset

Craftsman and Wolves

Inner Sunset Tartine!

Tinto NSCoder night


NSCoder Night - Ritual Valencia

Haaaawwwsss Haus

C&W Always the best

Philz for the future

C&W FTW (also Farewell Greg?)

Goodbye Marcell

WWDC Coffee @ Philz Main Street Cupertino

Pre WWDC 2023 warmup

Craftsman. Wolves, too.

Craftsman and Wolves


C&W April

Craftsman & Wolves

New Year Andytown

Holiday Rebels

Andytown, best town

Thankful for the Rebels

Andytown (upstairs, maybe indoors!)

Rebel November

🔭☕️ Telescope Coffee

Ritual in the Mission

Stable Breakfast

C&W Repeat

The Mill

Four Barrel

Classic C&W

Duboce Park Café

Verve, Indoors

Ritual in the Mission


Andytown (upstairs, outdoors!)

Bernal Coffee

Craftsman and Wolves!

Outdoor coffee @ SPRO

Sightglass (indoors!)

Dynamo Donuts (and Coffee)

FRONT (outdoors!)

Post-WWDC Stable

WWDC Coffee @ Salesforce Park SF

WWDC Coffee @ Philz Main Street Cupertino

Panhandle Coffee @ Flywheel

Craftsman and Wolves

Ferry Building (outdoors! ❄️)

Mission Ritual

South Park Blue Bottle 🧇

More Stability

Whose Haus

Andytown @ Salesforce Park

Rebels Within (C&W)

Back Outside @ Stable

Top of the Park

Craftsman and Wolves (sponsored by Roderic)

The Spro

Roderic's Return; Reconvening at Ritual

Stability at Stable

Red Bay Coffee at the Ferry Building

Ritual Coffee on Valencia


Salesforce Park

Rebels' Coffee

For The Wolves (FTW)

Outdoor food truck coffee @ SPRO

Salesforce Park + Andytown

A special lunch outing

We're back baby: Vaccinated folks only please

Zoom Coffee

Sky Park Andytown / remote friendly FaceTime

Bottomless Coffee at Vīvę Lá Tärté

Mission by popular request




The end of SOMA

Back at Red Door

1st anniversary of the 2nd coffup of 2019

The second annual first coffup of 2019

Celebrate the holiday rebel within us all

Tim said this was a good Blue Bottle!

👾Holiday Party: Game Night

Happy Birthday Chris

A very far north Thanksgiving special

Pentacle discovery!

Outside seating. Dress warm

First event of November

James is leaving us for no good reason

Our old stomping "grounds" ☕️


East cut again. Preorder in the app!

One more time for summer weather

🐍Ritual in Hayessssss 🐍

Aanddyy is leaving SF for some reason

Downey got a job: Let’s all get a Rebel Within

Credit Karma hosts an Apple event viewing party

Nev got a job. So we celebrate

Extended discussion about boats

Townsend Coffee

The Point: One Year Later

East Cut's Blue Bottle

South Park: The Blue Bottle not the cartoon

Sean’s going away coffee

First time at Craftsman and Wolves

Ferry Building 🚣‍♂️

Contraband? Darn near killed 'em

The people have voted. Andytown again

WWDC Decompression

Let's talk about SwiftUI

WWDC warmup

Andytown is open early now!

Ritual Rain check

Mission Coffee

South Park: It’s gonna be May

Freddie’s first selection ☕️

Special Guest: Mergesort is here ✅

Vive La Tarte 🥐

Four Barrel Coffee

Still new-ish Blue Bottle

The GDC Special starring MGS

BlueBottle: Ferry Building edition

Sightglass in SOMA

Verve coffee for hope

Contraband in SOMA

Blue Bottle at Market Square

Andytown's new place

New Vive La Tarte in Noe

St Frank

The new Blue Bottle on 2nd

Ritual Valencia

Vive La Tarte with Ethan's Dad

Surprise Monday Inaugural Blue Bottle

First ☕️ of 2019 @ Saint Frank on Mission

Blue Bottle Market Square

Sextant Coffee Roasters

☃Holiday Party: Local Edition

Blue Bottle South Park

Vive La Tarte with Matt Whittaker

Coffee Bar (Mariposa St)


Special Xtra

Spooky Saint Frank(enstein)

Four Barrel Coffee

Mazarine - Best Coffee, FYI It's Roderic's Birthday

Verve Coffee Roasters

Dynamo Donut & Coffee

Sightglass Coffee

Saint Frank

Red Door, 111 Minna St

Red Door / Transbay Terminal

Vive La Tarte - SOMA

Blue Bottle Market Square

Four Barrel Coffee

The Point

Contraband Soma

Ferry Building (BB, VLT, etc.)

Red Door Coffee

Coffee Bar

Vive La Tarte, Ferry Building

Réveille Coffee: North Beach edition

Ritual Coffee Roasters

Frog Hollow Farm (Ferry Building)

Saint Frank

Sightglass on 7th

Ritual Coffee on Valencia

La Capra - Fidi

Blue Bottle Market Square

Ritual Coffee Roasters on Octavia

Vive La Tarte


Noon All Day

Tartine Manufactory: Bye Harrison

Verve on Castro

St Clare Greg's Coffupaversary

OG Sightglass on 7th

St Frank in SOMA

Stable Cafe

Blue Bottle at South Park

Contraband Coffee Bar


Blue Bottle Coffee - Ferry Building

Red Door (1st and Howard)

Coffee Bar Mission

Ritual Valencia

Sightglass Coffee on 7th

The Mill